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Sergio is 65 and we celebrate

Sergio welcomes André and TT

Abdelhak and Jim chatting

Christophe is enjoying

Bruce likes parties

Peter came too

El Jefe, aka Luis

Steve, and Samson in the background

Mario and Riccardo were here, James in the front

Stefano, Lorenzo, Stefano and Martin


Sergio goes around

Raymond is here



Samson and Mike

Magda and Gianpaolo

Sergio l'Altro with Emilio

Nanie with Costas

Stefano and Luis

Carlo con Riccardo

Steve talking to James and Peter

Graham, Christophe, Abdelhak, Martin, and Geraldine's back...

Alvaro and Gabriele with Monica's back...

Peter and Wolfgang


Peter and Wolfgang (bis)



Emilio with Massimo

The photographer photographed!


Fernando et al.

Graham laughing with James, Jim and Bruce

Michelle and Nanie talking seriously


Sergio moves between groups as the good host he is

Cheats with everyone

But Nanie is getting ready with the present...

Jeanne has the flowers

and Luis requires a little silence

Sergio listens, attentive


all that Luis has to say

He is amused

He has received a present

and Rosanna received the flowers

Someone says he must open his present

and he does open it

and likes it

Everybody admires it

He says a few words

to answer Luis

and Alvaro is amused

Receiving now the signatures of the people who participated



Luis with Riccardo and Costas

Gabriele with the Ferraras

Ignatios and George

Carlo, Luis, Bruce (half-hidden by Augusto), Massimo and Sergio's back

Sergio with Peter S.


Elena with Pierre

Sergio and Augusto talking with their hands


Ignatios and Raymond

Costas with Raymond and Gabriele (unconvinced)

Italians, German, Greeks and French

Sergio with Samson

Sergio with Suzy (Michelle's picture)