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2008 TH Picnic

Marie-Noëlle and Nanie unloading

and others getting installed

El Jefe gets the fire ready, with Ara and Jorge

Arpita had to be here!

And it is Michelle's first TH picnic!

Here comes the Herbst family

Manfred and his daughter


Marie-Noëlle is at work

So is Michelle,

... and a lot of us indeed!

Luis hails new arrivals, with Johannes and family


Boyka contributes to the salad,

which is beginning to look interesting!

While some work, the others drink

Thomas watching over his daughter

Christophe et


Thomas's daughter

and wife

The sauce is going into the salad

and then the mixing begins: first Nanie

(I am sure the Andersens cannot look disgusted!!!)

then Michelle

Talking strings?

Watching the sausages and other delicious items

Philip with the ball rolling and a smile

Another smile

Manfred's daughter

Melisande was exploring and burnt herself on nettles. It HURTS!

Philip stops playing to watch her cry

But Arpita keeps smiling

and asks to be taken with Jorge, Daniel and Christoffer

John was deserted by his family...

Parents chatting

Michael with Rachel

The Walcher ladies chat with the Servant-Grojean




Boyka with Ara

Yvonne and friend




Jure and son



and Chiara


Fernando and John

A smiling Steve

Beware: a big tummy (Kristy's) may hide another (Géraldine's)!

Don't they look just like images?!

Oleg and Gero

Gero again

Left to right in the front: Ed, Joanna, Chiara, Luis (also Jorge, Martin and Christophe, and Kristy in the background)

Hiroshi and wife

Gisela with Marie-Noëlle

Boyka and Ara, and John

A general view

and another

and another, on the Mediterranean side


Nanie with Kristy


Gregory eating salad

La hermosa Miranda with her mother

and her father (centre) with Gero and Nanie

Nanie and Marta

This is yet another Fernando!


Alessandro Della Morte

with his father

Who rightly looks proud!

Miranda in the arms of her father

who also looks proud!

This is Adam's last picnic as a Fellow...

The photographer photographed!

and again with Mariano and Marie-Noëlle

The Andersen family again

Nanie with Alessandro

The Altarellis and the Greens

Alessandro is quite content

But his father looks worried

while his mother tries to enjoy her food

Philip is having a drink

Cleo just managed to turn her head...

Sandrone is beginning to wonder what he's doing sitting there

Miranda also drinks

... and again!

... again, ...

But from further away, I managed to get her, ...

So his father organizes a little session of jumping in the air

which makes him happy

even though none too secure!

Agustin, Miranda, Géraldine and Christophe

Johannes, Philip and Daniel

and happy to be there!

Miranda ever higher

Martin, with Jeppe and his wife

The ladies in Theory

And people are settling to chat

Alessandro reintegrating the carrier.

Not so easy, with a glass between the teeth, Michele!

Sasha and friend with John

Steve and wife

Michael, Joanna and John

who seems cosy enough ...

Another proud father: Leonardo with Valeria

Marta and two different Fernandos

Invasion of the Mediterranean table!

While Diego sleeps

... but has a sudden bout of sadness

Parents and children

Diego is not 100% awake, yet!

Rachel loves this dog!

But not for Valeria yet!

Life is tough...

Joseph is not his usual happy self...

Rachel and mother

Joanna and daughter

Aileen, Joseph and Nanie

And she can take him for a short walk!

who also loves being thrown in the air

when Daddy's hands catch you, it's even better

Barbara, Valeria and Leonardo, the happy Giusti family, all the way from the Valais!

Miranda is fed up

and does not like to be on the ground...

Christophe and Cleo ...

... and others, gone for a short walk

Sasha and friend

Thomas and his daughter

who has a lovely smile!

Melisande is studying nature

Kerstin and Miguel are laughing

But toothless Joseph is not so happy

Sasha and friend again

Christophe, Gia and John

Boyka is not sorry that she did come!

And Arpita laughs about it with Nanie

Well! Not so compromising!

And I take compromising pictures!!

Valeria is shown around

Gia also has been deserted by his family, and chats with Christophe

Gregory smiling

Miranda smiling

Is this a smile?

Diego's toys come out of the bag

His mummy gave them to him!

There's a beautiful orange car

but he wants ...

I don't know what he is talking about, but it must be funny!

Michelle too!

Luis is laughing

and fighting with a stone

Diego escalating

Daniel, Christoffer and Fernando

... the aeroplane

Through the branches

Arpita with some Fellows

The Walcher family is preparing to leave

but there's a lot of stuff to be picked up

There's time for a picture of the whole family!

But some children want a thumb!

The Walcher family (detail 1)

The Walcher family (detail 2)

The Walcher family (detail 3)

The Walcher family (detail 4 on the unsmiling Philip!!)

Mariano, Adam, and a few heads of thinning hair...

A family view of Agustin

Father and son, Fernando and Diego

Arpita is ready, but still with the Fellows

One more, with everybody looking!

So it's the last picture

Fernando and Mariano are ready to leave

Diego is still at it!

A close up of the Spaniards

Diego exploring the soil

Michelle is thinking

and Miranda full of food!

Diego and the smiling biscuit

In Daddy's arms, with the aeoplane

A good drink for Diego

Michelle is smiling

Diego playing like Diego!

and smiles all over

Pleasant discussion

Michelle and Jorge

and Miranda's day has been long and busy!

After a coffee, there's just some tidying up to do

while Arpita waits

Back at CERN, Costas's helpful hand to carry the remains of the day

The invitation was drawn by Michelle!