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2009 TH Picnic

Peter's smile made up for the sad weather,

and Ara's smile was just like sunshine!

El Jefe was in great form

Sandeep was working on the fire

The stuff was taken out of the bags

by Nanie, who had thought of EVERYTHING!!

Arpita is working hard

This is Jeppe Andersen's mother-in-law, enjoying

and her daughter, Ulla, working

The boss is making the sauce for the salad

The fire is getting ready


But it was only a very short one!

Arpita is still at work (but I believe it wasn't on the same bit of vegetable!)

Arpita and the Chef mixing the salad!

Ara is lighting another barbecue

And Nanie drinks...

Jeppe, Luis and Peter

Silvia, Arpita and Ara

Jeppe's parents-in-law

Sivia and Arpita are amused

Martin is working hard!

Vue générale

Nanie and John


John and the Rosses

??? ??? ???

??? ???

The younger generation prefer juice!

Ruth and John

Nanie is serving the salad

AND serving herself!

Difficult to get the spoon to stand...

Ruth is now helping herself

and then Sendip has a go

Looking for meat

Sandeep, Ioannis and Max are eating and talking

Léa and Joan are also eating and also talking

Jeppe, Martin and Peter (are they speaking Danish?)

Christophe has arrived ... on his own...

But there is company here!


John's funny look

Ioannis posing

Max posing

Sandeep posing


Chat and food

and discussions

Ruth and Graham Ross

The Walcher family are arriving!

Mélisande goes to the most important:

Should Philip have a pink plate?

This makes him pensive

and he needs comfort!

So Mummy will decide!

Ruth speaking Italian!

Retreat from the scene of the problem!

Arpita and post-docs

and the sunshine gets through

when the Djouadis arrive

This is Celia

and this is Sabrina with Elisa

The young Walchers seem to be spellbound!

Nanie welcomes Celia (who has just woken up)

and the Walchers go back to their meat

Celia eats a biscuit

Lea and Mélisande leave Phlip behind...

Poor Philip, having to run after them!

He made it!

Martin, Jeppe, Ben and Graham

??? ??? ?????? ??? ?????? ??? ?????? ??? ???


Celia is getting hungry

and Philip is waiting for his sisters

Mariano and John


Celia looks curious

and I try to photograph the two of them...

which is NOT an easy task!

Espe, Mariano's wife

is talking to Joan

Celia has left the push-chair and is getting adventurous

Everyone wants a drink of juice

and everyone gets it!

Lea has found a small animal on a stone

I can see it, there!

But what was it?

Nanie and Panteleimon

La becquée

Elisa got it this time!!

Wives (Graham's, from the back) and Ben's

Celia is playing with biscuits

and Elisa playing with Nanie

Philip needs a drink

The sun is now really out

and we go for a coffee to end our picnic