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TH Xmas 2009

At the dinner tables. Meet Flavio, grandson of Sergio

Teresa with Luis

Luis with Arpita, Miguel-Angel, and half a glimpse of Alvaro

Mitsi, Ignatios, Stefan, Zygmunt and others


Geraldine, Michelle and Nanie

Claudio and his daughters

Johannes with Nanie and Michelle


A big brother and a little sister

Sudeshna, Matti, Connie and Morna

Margaret and Jeanne, X and David

Boris, Ruth and Graham

Juan, Ester, Silvia, Juanon (with less teeth) and Sara, and others


Maria and Giuseppe

Marcos and Cesar

Tania and Marie-Noëlle

John, with Manjit and Maria-Mercedes


Don't know

Jean-Pierre and Maurizio

Lise and Jennifer

Céline, Pepe and others

Another table

Sasha and friends

Sabine's table

Abdelhak with youngest daughter

People are ready!

And it starts!

John and Ben

John and Ben, plus the picture of Fernando!

John showing a machine

Announcing the next scene

It seems that the machine is ready to start

Everyone is expectant

and the particles begin to circulate

and to collide (?!!)

Some damage

Jeanne looks worried

Are they praying?

Admitting Ireland (even if Dean is no more Irish than Panteleimon, Filippo, Jorge or Julien are what the flag they're wearing indicates!)

John with Zoltan

John with Abdelhak

Doing the Moon walk (just as well Michael Jackson hasn't lived to see this!!)

Funny wig!!

Nanie and Johannes

The show goes on

and the DG (Jeppe) is in it!

John and Ben in front of God Rolfy

Jeannne and Michelle looking up

to Jeppe

Susy and Burlesconi (one of those who want to save the planet)

He likes Susy!

The beginning of the end

The audience is amused!

And the final song begins!

Happy spectators

Sabine at the machine as well as on stage

Everybody singing

Singing on

and bowing to their audience

It was a success


and the main characters

Elisa could resist no more!

And the night is still young, so the dancing begins!

Nanie and Marcos

Davide is unmovable...

Sudeshna comes to congratulate John for yet another success!

Dean and his wife

The dancing gets warmer

Pamela and Stefano

A happy Francesco

Marcos continues

and gets warmer and warmer

Tomasz, Sergio, Ignatios and Samson

Now posing!

Luis with Sandra and Kevin and their daughter

Samson and Sergio

James with Ulla and Jeppe

Smiling (unknown) faces

Peter and Carolina with Zoltan and his wife

Zoltan with wife

Sabine running, as usual!

Marcos and John absorbed!

and more people are dancing now

Monica is dancing too,

while John is working (too late for the script!)

Marcos again

and Michelle, with Teresa and others

The music is compelling

and Marcos is very susceptible to it!

Michelle finds it hard to resist!!

and more people join in

One really taken!

and others watching!

One of the best dancers: Paloma

and a watcher

with a friend

Jorge and Guilherme with Paloma

Gabriella and Emilio participate enthusiastically,

and some Russian youngsters are watching

John with Jennifer

and more dancers

Even Sandro is dancing!

under Fernando's gaze

Another Fernando is dancing

with Teresa

and with Nanie